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...it's always more fun to go with a group!

Welcome to Day Trips with Sandy.

If you don't already know me, I have been personally arranging and conducting Day Trips in White Rock/South Surrey since 1996.


New - many exciting and new trips, plus some old favs!
Fun  - it is always more fun to go with a group!
Quality -  an excellent quality and fun filled day is our goal!
Best  - we always get the best motor coaches, event tickets and meal venues.               
Relaxing  -  sit back with no worries as your professional guide takes care of all the details
Interesting  -  you’ll be sure to have fun enjoying something new!
Friendly  - single or couples -  a great way to meet new people!


So call us to book your Day Trip! You'll be sure to have a great day out, have some fun, meet people and maybe even learn something new!


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Welcome Again to Day Trips with Sandy!

Please note that all trips are fully escorted on a professionally driven, washroom equipped highway motor coach. Passport required or alternative, for all cross border trips. 




"Tiptoe Thru' the Tulips"

April 13 - B*ook before April 1st for 10% off

Our season starts off with a wonderful day out visiting the glorious fields of tulips
in the fertile Skagit Valley.  First we visit Roozen Gaard, famous for its lovely
tulip display gardens.  Next we are off to LaConner, voted one of the best "little towns" in the U.S.A. 

You will have about 2 hours here - time to enjoy a bite of lunch and
browse the many delightful and one of a kind shops.  After lunch we travel to Tulip Town where you will be amazed at the breathtaking expanses of colourful tulips.
Please note that you can bring back all the cut tulips that you wish!

* ID required: Canadian passport,or enhanced drivers license or NEXUS

Deluxe Coach $20. Guide and all entrance fees $75.00    

Total $95.00 (plus tax)




Enchanting Port Townsend

May 26 - *kefore April 1st for 10% off

First a relaxing and scenic drive, then a lovely little ferry ride and then we arrive at the historic town of Port Townsend.  Prepare to be delighted by the beautiful heritage buildings and the myriad of lovingly restored Victoria homes.  We have a very knowledgable local guide joining us on board our coach. As we tour the homes, she  will enthrall us with the stories and tales of the wealthy whaling captains and many others who built these homes in the late 1800's.  We will also visit Fort Warden and the fascinating - just like it was "back in the day" - Commanding Officers Quarters. (This Fort was where "Officer and a Gentleman" was filmed). Before our tour, we will have time to browse the many quaint and unique shops and have a bite to eat.

* ID required: Canadian passport,or enhanced drivers license or NEXUS

Deluxe Coach $20.00. Guide, Entrance fees, Ferry $95.00

 Total $115.00 (plus tax)



-----------"New One Time Event"

Giants of the Ice Age

June 28 - ---------- Walk through ancient landscapes!

Millions of years ago, giants roamed the earth!  Sometimes standing more than 14 feet tall, mammoths and mastodons towered over the lands of Europe, Asia and North America from as long ago as 1.8 million in the past to as recently as 10,000 years ago, during the Ice Age.  In partnership with The Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, this rare exhibit is coming to the Royal B.C. Museum. (The Field Museum is one of the largest such museums in the world and maintains its status as a premier museum through the quality and size of its educational programs).
We will be transported to a time when these giants walked among us and humans struggles to survive in a world they had yet to conquer.  Through a rich collection of fossils, casts, preserved flesh, immersive media and engaging interactives, we will discover the Proboscidean family tree, from woollies to mastodons to dwarves, to modern day elephants, all immersed in a richly animated Ice Age panorama. You will have the opportunity to touch Mammoth tusks and teeth!
 And, find the answer to: Is it possible to clone these extinct giants today?
We will arrive at the Museum about 11:30am and depart at 4:30pm for our ferry so you will have ample time to view all the exhibits, and maybe do some browsing/shopping.

Deluxe coach $20.00. Guide, (ferry fare*) entrance fees  $109.00.

* B.C. Seniors with care card.

Total $129.00 (plus tax)



"Cruising Down the River"

July 07 - ----- Always a Favorite - now with a New Twist!

Just a beautiful, relaxing day sailing from New Westminster, on the  M.V. Native, an authentic paddlewheeler.  You will gain a whole new perspective of the "working" Fraser River on your cruise today. Our Fraser River is always busy with exciting things to see and opportunities to encounter. Wild life too - seals, Great Blue Herons, eagles, salmon and sturgeon. Our knowlegable crew will entertain us with an informative and interesting narration. A buffet lunch is provided for us and there is a no-host bar on board, also. As we cruise along, you will be able to view the many picturesque float homes and Rifel Island before reaching our stop in Steveston.  Here you will have time to stroll and visit the many quaint shops. 

Deluxe Coach $20.00 - Guide, cruise and lunch $109.00.  

Total $129.00 (plus tax)



Fireworks - "Celebration-of Light"

July 27 - ------------------- One of our most popular trips!

Seniors Day Trips with Sandy, has once again chartered the beautiful yacht, "The Royal Vancouver I" for us to enjoy these spectacular fireworks.  As we set sail from fascinating False Creek, we will enjoy a delicious buffet dinner.  There is also a bar on board for purchase of wine, beer and cocktails.  After dinner we will get in position to view this world famous event - as usual we will have the best seats in the house, with none of the hassles of crowds, driving or parking. Tip: The sides of the yacht roll up to better see this
display, so bring a light jacket or sweater!

Deluxe coach $20.00. Guide, cruise and dinner $145.00.

 Total $165.00 (plus tax)



Paddle Wheeler Cruise to Fort Langley

August 11 - ---- New!

Today.we.board.the.M.V.Native.an.authentic.100-passenger paddlewheeler, for an adventure on the mighty Fraser River! With live narration of facts and fiction about the Fraser and its history, we'll encounter all the activity of a busy working river as well as the ever-present sights and sounds of wildlife such as seals, ospreys, great blue heron, eagles, salmon and sturgeon. The lush Coast Mountain Range provides a breathtaking canvas as we cruise to the Birthplace of British Columbia. A unique view of Barnston Island and the Golden Ears Peaks are only a few of the highlights on our way. We'll travel under the latest addition to cross the Fraser River "The Golden Ears Bridge" as well as the newly constructed "Port Mann Bridge" the widest bridge in the world. Lunch is included as we cruise along. There is a no-host bar on board the paddlewheeler.
When we dock in Fort Langley, there will the boutiques & antique shops in Gasoline Alley to browse or just stroll around this quaint village soaking up the old time ambiance. The Fort Langley Historic Site of Canada is also located here. Later we return to the M. V. Native paddlewheeler for a relaxing return voyage to New Westminster. prehaps enjoying a glass of wine!


Deluxe Coach $20.00 . Guide, cruise and lunch. $109.00.

Total $129.00 (plus tax)




Indian Arm Cruise

Aug. 26 - ---------- A favorite every year!

Everyone loves this very scenic and serene 4 hour cruise aboard the spacious "Harbour Princess".  This is our 14th year and some people join us every year!  We cruise from world famous Vancouver Harbour, up along the breathtaking scenery of the Deep Cove area, into our very own glacier fjord, Indian Arm.  This area is only accessible by boat and we cruise up as far as Silver Falls.  You will be amazed at how close our Captain gets us into these lovely falls!  Make sure to bring your cameras as this is a great photo opportunity.  As we cruise along, we will be treated to a scrumptious white linen salmon buffet (chicken or vegetarian avail.).  There is a full bar on board to purchase wine, beer or cocktails.

Deluxe coach $20.00 . Guide, cruise and luncheon $99.00.

Total $109.00 (plus tax)



"The Worlds Largest Tidal Lake"

Sept. 08 -

Cruise with us up the Fraser and then Harrison River to discover the
spectacular wilderness and scenery of Pitt Lake.
This majestic fjord is home to many varities of birds (including the osprey) and wildlife.You will also be able to view some interesting cliff-side aboriginal pictographs.

As we cruise along, our crew will regale us with the many tales and history of this unique area. Be sure to bring your cameras and binoculars!

An onboard buffet lunch is included.


Deluxe coach $20.00/Guide, cruise and lunch $115.00
Total $145.00 (plus tax)



Christmas Lights/Dinner Cruise

December 15 -


A great evening out as we sail from Vancouver's beautiful Coal Harbour for a festive dinner cruise. We will be seranaded.by.costumed.carol singers.with.lovely.voices,.as we.view.Vancouver's.twinkling Christmas lights. Then, awaiting us, is a scrumptious holiday dinner with all the trimmings, and the food is always excellent on board Harbour Cruises! There is also a no-host bar, for wine, beer and cocktails. After dinner we always have lots of fun joining in a Christmas sing-a-long with our costumed carol singers!


Deluxe coach $20.00. Guide, cruise and dinner $ 99.00.
Total $119.00 (plus tax)


Call Sandy 604-535-6280 to book or email sandy@seniorsdaytrips.ca 

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